Cyprus’ first portal for women, came first to fill the gap in the field of women’s updating and entertainment, in 2012 and has been at the top ever since with a large number of daily visitors, according to official statistics. Women choose the site for its wide range of topics and issues.

Fashion, beauty, and health are some of the top issues that concern every woman.  Of course, ilovestyle’s biggest success is its coverage of celebrity news.  The site is the first to offer exclusive news, photo reportage, reporting and videos on all celebrities, as requested by their audience. 

Readers can visit the portal for:


Market research, news from the world of haute couture, suggestions and tips on what is new in the local market.


Products, tips from specialists, pampering and everything else a modern woman needs to know about beauty.


Everything that concerns making everyday life better: health, nutrition, sports psychology, family and children. 


The world of celebrities through exclusive news and interviews, videos, continuous news feed and photos. Everything women want to know about celebrities.


Interior design, going out guide, trips and everything that makes life beautiful in one segment. 


Tips and tricks on cooking easy, special and creative recipes that make life tasty.


Almost every woman’s happiest day is her wedding day. In this section of a future bride can find everything she needs to know, as well as a guide with shops and specialists who undertake making this “special day” magical.

Star signs

The section all women read to find out their star sign predictions. It includes valid weekly, monthly and yearly predictions.

I love tv

Dedicated to television and everything happening in popular tv series. One segment for all the latest news about shows, series and the world of media.


A section that stands out from all the others due to its fresh design and the wide-variety of issues it covers. In-depth texts and high quality pictures give answers to burning questions on a large numbers of useful issues. It is the best tool for content marketing in the advertising business. Besides, the features presented in a modern way in are just another innovation of the portal.


The original competitions also make even more popular among Cypriots.

With a strong presence in social media and the strong relationship it has created with its audience, the site has more than 200,000 visitors a months. . By following all the latest trends and adapting to all the latest developments in internet technology, the site offers various different marketing solutions in the advertising market. From classic ads to specialised content marketing solutions and innovative ideas, can offer access to dynamic audiences through specially designed actions, in order to cover the needs of every advertiser.

Countless likes, high-level of engagement and more than 1.8 million page views are all part of the most dynamic and top women’s portal in Cyprus.

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