The start of private radio broadcasting in Cyprus is related to the creation of Radio Proto in September 1990. Since then, Radio Proto has led the way for free broadcasting radio in Cyprus, following its own creative path always towards the top.

Radio Proto has been at the top for years and it has managed to stay there, offering News, Entertainment and Sports. It remains number one in its category in Cyprus.

The “first” good morning comes from Lazaros Mavros and Marios Poullados from 6:00 to 9:00, covering the headlines of the day.

Next Kristiana Georgiou, Costas Prigkipas and Thanasis Drakopoulos follow until 11:00, with their show “Trikouverti”.

Christos Michalaros and Dona Kaparti take the lead with their programme “Ola sto Fos” featuring exclusive guests until 13:00.

An in depth news and sports broadcast follows from Radio Proto, before the Zacharias, Maria & Friends programme starts, with Zacharias Philippides and Maria Gunther from 14:00 to 16:00.

Next up, Andreas Dimitropoulos, plays popular songs until 18:00 with his programme “Notes Laikes” and

Petros Athanasiou follows with his show “Petros is jazz” until 22:00 and finally Nikos Gkaravellas turns into Mr Midnight until 1:00.

 On weekends the schedule changes, as new and old popular radio producers play music and put a smile on their listeners face.

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