Economy Today is an economic and business magazine which emphasizes on informing its readers on all the market news, economy news and the latest developments in the business world. It is the ultimate guide for every business and businessman.

Economy Today features articles from financial reporters and acclaimed journalists, interventions from reputable analysts and views from well-known economists and businessmen, interesting interviews of people on the front line of politics, finance and business in Cyprus and abroad. The latest developments in a variety of fields that affect the economy and the latest business developments are also available.  Economy Today choices to present issues with a different approach, analyzing the news and developments and looking deeper into everything that concerns the local and global economy.

All these and many more that include the economy and business are available in Economy Today, which is published with the reliability and validity of Dias Media Group, the largest Media Group in Cyprus. Economy Today is circulated every last Sunday of the month with Simerini Newspaper, and it is available at all kiosks for the remainder of the month.

The readers of Economy Today have demands and opinions, and search for credibility in their news. They seek reliable information from reputable economic analysts and journalists. They enjoy the simple and clear writing. The majority of readers are between the ages of 25-44 (47.1%). They are of higher educations (64%) and are part of the middle and upper economic class.

Economy Today is the magazine with largest circulation in Cyprus concerning business and the economy.


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